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Keiki Monogatari

(obscure) j-rock romaji

~Keiki Monogatari J-rock romaji~
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Welcome to Keiki Monogatari, a no-frills site devoted to the romanised lyrics of some lesser-known/older J-rock bands (most of which have disbanded by now). Most of these bands have a minute fanbase compared to contemporaries like Kagerou and Kagrra, so I'm hoping this site'll be useful to the handful of fans out there who'd like to sing along with the likes of, say, Asagi-kun and Kamiya-san. :) Do enjoy.

The bands listed in the 'Interests' box all have at least one song romanised by me, with the exception of Syndrome (which I just like), ends and Blam Honey (whose CDs I've ordered, but have yet to receive).

Also, requests are available. Please check here (well, sort of... if you really want it, I can send copies or romanise the lyrics, or whatever).

-JH (who has a personal blog here)
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